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14th May 2012 | by: Charu

This post is regarding one of the challenge which I came across while developing an application. The task was to develop an application in which the user can interact in different layers, the events propagates from top layer to the bottom most. The events propagation needs to be stopped or propagated on different scenarios. These propagations were based on different calculations which determine the exact target element. If there are two overlapping elements then the event must respond to the element having more precedence. For solution first the container placement need to be determined, when using absolute layout the container placed after another container is on top. So the container needs to be placed in planned manner.

Playing with components alphas: when you want the container elements in lower container to be visible through upper container, the alpha value need to be decreased.

This concept can be used in developing various UI like in reports or timesheet.

A typical example of our own developed Time Sheet can be accessed "Click Here"