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‘GoForHR’ is a cloud-based Human Capital Management cum Payroll Automation Solution, envisaged and built for Small and Medium Sized companies. The solution has been conceptualized through a process of intense analysis of the various operational parameters and pain points as reported by various organizations in response to the surveys that we have conducted. The solution enables you to intuitively track and manage your employees’ lifecycles, from recruitment to exit process management in a way which is tailor-made for your organization. Benefits include:

  • Multi-Location Compliant:

    Supports multiple locations and offices.
  • Leave & Attendance Management:

    Workflows and real-time Trackers on Employees’ office attendance and Leave statistics
  • Payroll Integration:

    Seamless Payroll Management so that you do not have to go through end-of-the- month blues
  • Recruitment:

    Track your recruitment requests at real time.
  • Employee Performance and Goal Setting:

    Conduct periodic appraisals for your employees with access to summarization reports
  • Exit Interviews:

    Employee Exit Management
  • HR Communications:

    Push employee-group communiques periodically.
  • Travel Settlement:

    Approval Workflows of Official Travel Requests and Settlements of Travel Dues
  • Online Pay Stubs:

    Employees will not have to store manual copies of their paystubs anymore
  • Reports:

    Various employee attribute based Reports
  • Use it on Desktop Browser, Tabs and Mobile Devices