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Seamless Payroll Management so that you do not have to go through end-of-the- month blues

Many payroll systems are available, what if you get a system which enable every employee to interact with the same and clear their doubts with HR and accounts department instantly instead waiting for a long period. On our hosting model it's very easy for users to have benefit of any changes done by the government in tax structure, policy or compliance reports for the organization. Why to go for any such one time client based software product and take risk of improper support from those vendor who sold in past and unavailable to help you in any such changes occurred time to time

Some Highlights

  • Anytime Payslip Access by Employees

  • Tax Savings Declaration

  • Compliance reports for PF, ESI, PT Departments

  • Configurable Pay Components

  • Different Policies for PF, PT etc.