Help Desk

Ticket lifecycle stages, from identification to resolution. It includes Workflows that automate processes and boost team productivity. Built on open source platform, Tamba helped many organisations to streamline support system.

CRM - Building relation with client

From Marketing to Sales Support - we help in building platform that gives consistent experience when interacting with a customer

UI/UX Design

Our objective is not only to give great designs but also determining how the user interface operates.The UX team works out the flow of the app, how all of the buttons navigate you through your tasks, and how the interface efficiently serves up the information user’s need, the UI practices works on how all of these interface elements will appear on screen.


Today eCommerce is not just merely a platform to showcase and sell, it needs to have analytics and intelligence to drive the business. From open source platforms to building from scratch, we have executed eComm platforms which is helping organisations to grow.

Conversational Interfaces

Bots - Emulate human operations on portal / applications to automate trasactions. It saves time and provide great user experience.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate high volume transaction and build rule based task. We have helped in automating transactions between eComm - ERP - HRMS - Logistic platforms.